Frameworks — Pragmatic tools for strategic applications

As product or business leaders we keep looking for answers to some key strategic problems every time. Frameworks are the tactical tools to organise strategic thoughts and ideas such that it becomes easier to comprehend, analyse and most importantly present.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

1. The Two Ends Framework — Two Ends to Start of Everything Strategic

Application Example: The Job Role and Expectations

Application Example: Questioning the Status-Quo

2. The Two-by-Two Framework — Classical Approach to Every Problem

Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007. Uses a 2x2 to create positioning of the iPhone explains how iPhone is a leapfrog device.

Application Example: What kind of content platform would you want to be?

Building a Content company — 2x2 matrix application example

Natural Extension: Three-by-Three

Multi-Attribute Extension — The Daisy Graph

Daisy Graph as used for Customer Segmentation and Target Market Analysis

3. The AITB Framework — Carving out the path to where you want to be

Application Example: Three Years from Now

Concluding Remarks

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